Surprise! We’re Having a Baby!

2016 has been the year of “Nothing Goes as Planned”, but yet, it’s also been one of the most exciting years of my life, and it’s only August! From moving into a new (and larger) rental home, a new pup, new car, learning the practice of Reiki, and now… a baby on the way! Life has a way of shaking things up for the better, and I couldn’t feel more alive.


More about all that other fun stuff later, let’s talk about the bun in the oven. As of today, I am estimated to be 8 weeks, 6 days pregnant, though from what I understand that may change when my doctor measures the growth of the baby in my new ultrasound. It’s hard to explain all the feelings and thoughts rolling around in my head considering this is an unplanned, yet welcome pregnancy. My boyfriend Adan and I have been together for almost 3 years now and have talked about marriage and kids but hadn’t yet put a plan in motion. Little did we know that life had a plan of its own in store.



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